Marie Grunewald

The following testimonials are the heartfelt words of the beautiful people who have chosen to place their trust in me. They have agreed to share their stories to inspire you to begin your journey to better health and wellbeing through Ayurveda.

Each journey is unique, but whether it’s improved digestion, better sleep, reduced stress, or even a complete lifestyle transformation, these stories illustrate the power of Ayurveda.

I have benefited from Marie’s Ayurveda advice following problems with digestion, emotional management and skin problems. The support is comprehensive and tailored to my needs and expectations. Marie is committed, available and always encouraging. Change comes gradually, but I quickly saw positive results. I now suffer less from digestive pain and I’m more in tune with my body and my emotions, which is essential in the end. I’ve been able to release certain things that were blocked on an emotional and physical level and become more aware of them. My skin has improved too, and I suffer less from acne, mainly due to stress. I’m gradually learning to cope with stressful situations, and I feel like I have more keys.

I’d highly recommend Marie for a personal consultation!


From the very first moment of contact, Marie created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Her personal approach put me at ease straight away, taking the time to understand my needs and concerns in depth. The nutritional recommendations she gave me were not only delicious, but also perfectly tailored to my individual needs. Beyond her mastery of Ayurvedic principles, Marie exudes positive energy and her passion for helping others achieve holistic balance shines through in every exchange.


After years of struggling with persistent fatigue, I finally found a solution thanks to Marie’s advice. Her expertise in Ayurveda enabled an in-depth analysis of my constitution, identifying the imbalances that had long affected my quality of life. Adapting my diet and lifestyle according to Ayurvedic principles wasn’t always easy, but Marie was always there to encourage me. By following her recommendations, I’m finally feeling a marked improvement in my energy, a new-found vitality that I never thought possible.

Thank you, Marie, for your support and your kindness! See you soon… in India?